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Patented Products. Superior Technology. Unmatched PerformancE.

DIAMOND SERIES Way Lubricants are designed for use on a wide range of materials in the critical lubrication of slides and way of machine tools.  Ideal for horizontal and vertical surfaces anywhere machine parts move over the top of each other.  Commonly used in planers, drills, saws, grinders, tapping, milling machines, and others. Including those operating at high loads.

DAIMONDS SERIES Way Lubricants are engineered to promote longer tool life and longer coolant life

  • Superior coolant separation reduces odors and waste disposal costs

  • Excellent adhesion for long lasting tool performance, resisting wash-off by metalworking fluids

  • Tough oil film enables accurate table positioning

  • Low sulphur content reduces bacteria growth

  • Extreme pressure characteristics prevents scoring on sliding surfaces

  • Zinc and phosphate free formulation for reduced sludge formation

  • Anti-rust and corrosion additives increases equipment life

DIAMOND SERIES Hydraulic Oils are designed to meet strict ISO Standards for use in many industrial and mobile equipment applications.  Our Hydraulic Oil is a mineral oil fluid which provides cost effective and reliable protection and effective performance with quality anti-wear properties to protect pumps and seals.

DIAMOND SERIES Hydraulic Oil are engineered to resist oxidation, control foam and provide proven anti-wear technologies. 

  • Anti-wear technology effective throughout the range of operating conditions to protect components like pumps, etc.

  • Anti-foam properties ensures foam control to prevent sluggish operation

  • Compatible with most other mineral based fluids

  • Used in both anti-wear (AW) and rust and oxidation (R&0) applications

  • Water separation prevents consequent damage to pump and hydraulic system cleanliness

  • Oxidation resistant offering good oil life and deposit control

  • Cost effective, reliable protection and high-quality performance

Diamond 2000 Series Way Lubricants

D-2010 - ISO Grade 68              SDS download

D-2030 - ISO Grade 32              SDS download

Custom Blend-Made to Order:

D-2050-ISO Grade 220

D-2020-ISO Grade 100

Diamond 4200 Series Hydraulic Oils

D-4230-ISO Grade 32                    SDS download

Custom Blend-Made to Order:

D-4240-ISO Grade 46

D-4250-ISO Grade 68

D-4260-ISO Grade 100 

D-4265-ISO Grade 150 

D-4270-ISO Grade 220


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